Seven Oaks Community Updates

This page has been established to provide the Seven Oaks community with updates following the impact of Tropical Storm Hilary on August 20, 2023. This storm brought historical amounts of rain and wind, resulting in the destruction of bridges and roads throughout the county, with Seven Oaks being one of the hardest-hit areas. Here, you will find information compiled by San Bernardino County Public Works to keep the Seven Oaks community informed about ongoing cleanup efforts, repairs, progress, and future plans for the area.

Seven Oaks 2023 Storm Damage Interactive Map

Click map below for before and after interactive map images

*Map will be updated as new information is available.

Public Work Status Updates:

August 21-25Road closures and damage assessment on foot.
August 23Securing of aerial flights.
September 1Completion of Middle Control Road repairs for emergency access.
August 23 – September 7Agency coordination and environmental review.
September 7Completed aerial flight of damage.
September 11Contractors secured and began mobilization of equipment.
September 12Contractors begin temporary road construction – south/west end.
September 13Federal funding agency coordination field assessment.
September 15Meeting with DPW staff, US Forest Service and US Army Corps of Engineers to discuss the details of installing a temporary road within US Forest Service and other lands, including environmental clearance.
September 18-19US Forest Service flagging for culturally sensitive areas
September 20Coordination with Public Works, US Forest Service, Army Corps to finalize environmental constraints.  Authorization to proceed in US Forest lands anticipated September 21, 2023.
September 22 – October 6Install emergency road for construction access to begin. Installation of emergency road for access includes the first phase of center flowing the river to re-establish river alignment away from the emergency road location. After river re-alignment, a more substantial temporary access road will be completed which consist of filling in the gaps in the washout areas. Current estimated time is 2 months. Check for updates on a regular basis as progress continues.
December 2024Temporary dirt road has been completed and open. SCE completed power pole installation throughout Seven Oaks Rd.
In ProgressDesign of permanent repairs and bridge replacement.
Rock slope protection installation at various sites.
Fall 2024 Construction and paving of permanent repairs and rock slope protection.
Bridge replacement at Seven Oaks Rd (Site 7)
TBDBridge replacement at Radford Camp Rd (Site 8), unfunded at this time.

Utilities Service Provider Updates:

Southern California EdisonNov. 6 Update –
Edison contractor trimmed trees for installation of new power lines. Edison also installed power pole sonotubes in preparation for new power poles to be installed week of Nov. 13.
Re-establishing service at the River Glen Camp – Due to site conditions, SCE will move the existing pole line and install larger structures to accommodate the increase in wire span length. Restoration date has been re-established to November 17, 2023.
Construction plans to rebuild source structures (15 poles 3 transformers) to Seven Oaks Camp rebuild source structures (15 poles 3 transformers) to Seven Oaks Camp – awaiting environmental clearance to start repairs
Southern California Edison Alert Information
FrontierField coordination scheduled September 26.  Frontier lines on SCE poles

Caltrans Updates:

Seven Oaks Damage Photos

Seven Oaks Progress

Week of 12/11-12/15

The temporary road construction at Seven Oaks Rd is complete. The emergency lane access has been completed for all locations. Residents and emergency vehicles can now drive through from SH-38/Middle Control Road to Seven Oaks Rd and back up to SH-38 along Glass Rd. Radford Camp Rd emergency access lane has also been completed. Construction will continue to establish the river centerflow so we ask those traveling through here to procced with caution.  We are working on design for construction of the permanent road.

Additional Questions?

Contact San Bernardino County Public Works – Contracts Division for additional information or questions at (909) 387-7920.